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  Jonathan Barrett - Composer, Arranger, Horn Player

As a composer, Jonathan Barrett writes for Position Music, Inc. and Northstar Music Publishing Ltd.

His compositions have been featured by Sony (here), and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

As a freelance French Horn Player, his playing regularly features in concerts world-wide, and on BBC TV and Radio. He also studied conducting under the eminent British conductor, Vernon Handley.

'It is always a pleasure to conduct one of Jonathan's scores; he is not only a gifted creative composer/arranger but an old-school craftsman. His years as an orchestral player have stood him in good stead as an orchestrator and everything is written with the knowledge of a real insider.'     
- John Wilson, International Conductor, Arranger, and musicologist. 

'Jonathan Barrett's skill is in instantly encapsulating a musical style in an effective and engaging way while retaining his own original musical voice. His experience of the orchestral world shines through in his writing making his music very enjoyable to perform as well as to listen to, and his wide knowledge of the inner workings of musical styles results in music which is always convincing and appropriate.'
- Alasdair Malloy, Presenter, Programme deviser, Arranger and Percussionist.

My album on Position Music Inc.